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because Ajer cares about your satisfaction. We offer trained and qualified live-in workers from different nationalities from Asia and Africa to provide the highest level of distinguished service. We offer many diverse packages to suit your needs. Enjoy a clean and organized home always thanks to the presence of a resident worker in your home, as she helps in performing household tasks in the best possible way. Make sure you receive a service that meets your needs and a service provider that offers a high level because at Ajer we care about our customers' satisfaction.

Long-term flexible contract

You can choose live-in workers from different nationalities with fixed-term contracts that can be renewed. Ajer's monthly resident service packages start from contracts ranging from one month to two years.

Short-term flexible contract

Many families are interested in hiring domestic workers for flexible short-term periods by the hour. This saves time and effort in searching for hourly cleaning workers each time. These domestic workers help with household tasks, and the hourly workers meet the preferred standards as they are offered for short periods in a visitation system.

Resident worker services

Resident cleaning workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


One of the important principles for dealing with resident cleaning workers is to know the tasks required of them to facilitate interaction between the worker and the family. There are daily tasks such as cleaning and caring for children. There are also weekly tasks such as washing doors and windows and cleaning furniture. In addition, there are monthly tasks such as organizing and arranging clothes and kitchen cabinets. Ajer ensures you receive comprehensive service from trained domestic workers and a resident cleaning worker from Ajer. Download the app, request the service now, and start contracting with a resident worker from Ajer at great prices suitable for everyone, in addition to flexible services during the contract.

Cleaning and assistance

Resident worker services

Ajer guarantees you efficient and highly trained resident worker services at the highest level to meet your needs for household cleaning and to have an organized and clean home, allowing you to focus on your daily tasks and your family inside the home without the need to clean the house yourselves, and to attend to your affairs while you are away from home. Enjoy a variety of services from Ajir that we provide to ensure your satisfaction, such as childcare services, services for people with disabilities and elderly, event services, private driver service, and much more.

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Welcome to visit us and inquire during our working hours at our branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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